The School Project

Children are the future of any Country. Our best investments are when we invest in them. Educating children helps us make way for a Country that values Knowledge and encourages it among people of all Social Strata.

The School Project

Education is an investment that pays you throughout your life. It is a license to your future. You would have reviled your life had it not been for your knowledge that guided you through the menacing streams of existence. Education is the hidden ornament in your prosperous life. Education has drilled into us the values of life and among these values one of them also instils us to nurture literacy in the society.

Every child dreams of a world where they can play, learn, dance and be happy. Yet there are millions who are on the streets and are addicted to drugs, who are abused, who are forced into child labours or coerced to be beggars.

Our heart wrenches to see them struggling in the sweltering heat. But they are fraught to earn just a miserly ten rupees that can buy them some food. We leave behind wealth for our children so they have a secured future but what future do these children of the streets have? The only bequests the streets seem to have given them are pain and misery – yet they survive!

A person who knows to read has the potential to unfold his abilities and craft a way to make his life full. These kids also have the enthusiasm and the willingness to learn and to lead a decent life. They need your help because they don’t have a home or their family live in penurious conditions not being able to afford school or to not have knowledge of free schools. Even if they do, they are so poor that they rather run around and work for food than go to school and study.

Once educated these kids will have a significant part to play in the pillar system of a strong community. Do not see of charity as an investment or tax saving. Try seeing charity for what it is at heart. You will see that its nobility is aimed in ameliorating the condition of the deprived. Join Temple of India to uplift the lives of these precious little gems.

Stationery Distribution

Clayton and Komal Daunt sponsored stationery for these children in Kharghar. Giving them hope for a better future.

Evening Classes

They sit eagerly to listen to a story narrated by Megha Pawar.

Paper Craft

Today they learnt how to make a paper butterfly. They were excited to learn and look forward for more paper craft classes.

Love to Learn

These young children are always excited for their evening classes.

Teaching Paper Craft

Temple of India staff member Megha Pawar with the children of the Kopra Kharghar Zila Parishad School.