The Fridge Project

Why shove the Food down the bin when it can nourish a hungry child? Set aside extra food in the community fridge and don’t let a child on the street sleep hungry ever.

The Fridge Project

We might sound like a broken record when we say charity gives us an opportunity to give back to the community that we live in. But being bountiful provides a fillip to our consciousness which is impossible to replicate in any other way.

There is a variety of food laid out on our tables when we sit to dine with our family and there are hardly any days when an empty bowl goes back into the kitchen sink. We have the means to afford such abundance on our table – so much that most of it goes into the dustbins. Whilst we enjoy our banquet, there are thousands in our society that go hungry. Forget about having a decorated plate of Mediterranean specialities or maybe Spanish delicacies, they do not have access to the lowest quality of plain rice.

We fall into a small percentage of humans who are lucky to lead comfortable lives. We owe our status to humanity and hence can undeniably do something about the remaining deprived percentage.

Donating food is not just charity. It is sharing food with people who are just as hungry as you are. And an act as simple as this could be more powerful than you bowing your head in prayer.

It is not only at the time of get-together’s or festivities when food is squandered but almost every day  a certain quantity of food goes wasted because someone is dieting or someone doesn’t have the appetite or the vegetable cooked is not the favourite one.

Why do you want to throw the food into the garbage when we could make place for it in a community fridge? Temple of India aims at setting up community fridges so that food never goes wasted.

Life is boundlessly delicious when we allow humanity to take the upper hand. Let others join you in this thought!