The Awareness Project

Did you know that the Global Hunger Index 2017 ranked India as 100th out of 119 countries which shows that our country is home to a huge number of Hungry People? Ignorance is the biggest enemy of Social Development in the Country. Let us join hands to spread awareness through the length and breadth in India.

Awareness Project

Inequalities in human development is one of the major reasons for unrest in our society. Once we understand we can spare for the poor the percentage of poverty might go down in our society. But there is this common thought that has taken root where we believe that we’d only get poorer if we shared with others.

This ignorance that prevails among us fosters a threat that winds its way through our lives nurtured by a false notion that we are safe within our walls even when there is so much poverty and paucity surrounding us.

Poverty is an enemy of human happiness. It makes virtues unviable and very difficult to stick to. It destroys liberty. It deprives humans of their basic rights. And most of all it makes the poor question their very existence.

If you truly understand this you will never turn away your face from the miseries that you see around – children travailing in the traffic lights begging or selling even after being abused, women working in sickness to meet ends and malnourished men labouring in unforgiving weather conditions just to earn a meagrely pay. Yet they never seem to come out of their condition. Poverty is a cancer which needs to be attended to soon.

Till the time ignorance exists, poverty will be enforced. When a certain section is made to feel that the society is contriving to degrade and subjugate them neither of us are going to be safe. Poverty is an intractable problem but little do we know that we hold within us an extraordinary potential that can bring about a meaning change.

Temple of India has undertaken a mission – a mission to help assuage the burden of the deprived in our community and we cannot do it alone. We need more people with courage and compassion who believe and strive to change the conditions of these suffering people.

Through our awareness project we endeavour to make a difference in the hearts of all citizens of India, to wake up humanity from its remorseful hibernation, and to mutiny against poverty in our country.