I’m Not an Urchin Project

Orphans on the street are often mistreated and abused. Waiting at a traffic signal, did you just ignore their petty state too? They are not urchins and they deserve a warm home too.

I’m Not an Urchin Project

There are atleast 10 or sometimes more children that we see in our daily lives wandering the streets – uncovered, dirty, malnourished and abused. We pull our kids closer as we see such children come running to us begging for money or selling trinkets and flowers. These young souls are belong to impoverished families or have been abducted from their parents and coerced to beg on the streets facing such severities of life that we cannot even imagine.

Ravelled in these sorrows humanity is screaming for us humans – the source of its origin – to take notice? The unprecedented horrors of poverty terrify us. Yet, our society has inherently fostered it since eternity.

If you have the thought of changing the world to make it a better place to live in then hold on to your thought and never let it go. But don’t just hope for the change to come by. Help people around you. Take steps to build a society where you don’t have to turn your eyes away from begging children and dishevelled shacks on the streets.

It is then that humanity will progress to become better and it is then that you can change the world. Let us not act as if we have thousands of years to squander, act before time gives up on us.

Each one of us goes through good and bad times in life. Remember that day when everything seemed to go awry? Remember when you wished it a bad phase of life was over soon but then it seemed to be for perpetuity?

Imagine small, innocent souls on streets who have to face such days for the rest of their lives – sleeping on the streets, abused, working assiduously for a fistful of food and yet waking each day with the same zeal to fight their to a better future.

That young spirited soul wrapped in scruffy rags, which ran to your car window who you called an urchin hadn’t had food the whole day and was hoping to come by just enough money for one meal that day.

Temple of India wishes to help these children have shelter, food, clean clothes, education and a respectful life. We don’t mean to encourage begging, by asking you to pay them for that one meal. Our objective is to take them off the streets, provide for them, educate them and raise them as strong-willed young men and women who can support their families without having to beg.

In doing this, we intend to raise these children to become strong-willed, self-dependent citizens of India, who can actively participate in the eradication of poverty. And by the time we reach full circle, we would have a society which thoroughly believes in giving back and helping out instead of turning away.