Educate Your Children about Generosity and Not About Greed for Wealth

We grew up learning that the accumulation of money was the most important goal of our life. Most of us work jobs that we don’t like only because there is no other way to survive. For those who have a family, earning enough money to provide quality education, designer clothes, fine dining experiences and international holidays becomes a necessity. After considering all these expenditures, we also have to set aside money for retirement in order to ensure that we can provide the same quality of life for ourselves even after we stop earning. All of this is seen as a duty with the singular goal of accumulating large amounts of money.

We have been inadvertently teaching the same things to our children. This means that we respect those people in our society who have large amounts of money and anyone who does not have adequate money is disrespected or considered to be a burden for the society. Amidst all this, we forget that generosity is a trait which deserves greater attention that the accumulation of money. Teaching our children to respect everyone irrespective of their household economy is very important.

We must encourage generosity in our children and motivate them to carry out small acts of kindness in their everyday lives. This will help them realize that kindness is as important as making money. This way, by the time our children grow up, generosity and humanity will become a duty for them which they cannot ignore. It will steer the world towards a better future and make our children responsible towards their society.

Temple of India Foundation encourages people to involve children in daily acts of humanity. We spread awareness about the state of the poor, needy and helpless people in our society so that more citizens of the country take up the responsibility of giving back to the society.

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