Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is our responsibility towards the society and somehow we have been able to successfully ignore it long enough for our society to have reached a point where the government has to enforce social responsibility on corporations and other businessmen. But is it okay for us to ignore our duty towards our own people?

Clearly, we have failed at being socially responsible as a country with one of the highest populations in the world. There are too many people who are homeless, who sleep on a hungry stomach and who are mistreated by others. In contrast to this, there are too few people who have acted towards ending these societal problems.

Even though Mumbai is the financial center of India, it has been unable to solve the problem of poverty in the city which is also home to one of the largest slums in India. There are several on profit organizations that operate in the city and yet they are too few in proportion to the number of people who are in need of support from these organizations.

The slums are bursting at its seams with more and more migrants moving to the city and living in one of the poorly built slum houses. Food is often procured by begging and for those who are able to find work, food has to be rationed carefully so that it can last long enough before they are paid their next salary. Medical facilities are next to none and education is not considered important in families where children have to start working at as early an age as possible.

Temple of India Foundation aims to spread awareness among people about the importance of social responsibility and the need for people to join our fight against hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Social responsibility can no longer be ignored, avoided or condoned. We must stand up for it.

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