Happy Holi!

Today, on the eve of Holi, Temple of India Foundation would ike to wish each one of you a very happy Holi. We hope that the celebration of this festival brings lots of happiness in your family and unites you with many friends and relative too. In recent years, the celebrations of festivals are starting to gain a different meaning, and we would like to take this opportunity to reinforce the importance of celebrating the festival of colours not just with your loved ones, but with those who may have been forgotten in old age homes.

We can see how more and more people are embracing the greener ways of celebrating festivals. From choosing eco-friendly gifts to buying environment-friendly colours, the celebration of Holi is returning to its origins – playing Holi with natural colours like the ones made from the Palash flowers. By encouraging environment friendly celebrations, we can ensure that our society does not suffer later from dirt-ridden walls, water shortage and skin problems.

This Holi, in addition to celebrating with your friends, consider visiting an old age home where you can celebrate the festival with many elderly people who may have been forgotten or ignored by their own family members. Encourage small children in your family to join you in your visit so that they can develop a positive attitude towards the elderly members of the society.

It will also help them understand the importance of building an inclusive society where elderly members do not have to live away from the rest of the family. Additionally, consider celebrating Holi by sponsoring food for needy families who may not even have enough to eat three meals a day leave alone spending on the purchase of colours.

Festivals are not just for families and friends, include the less fortunate people of your society in your celebrations .

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