Humanity towards Our Society is a Duty Not an Option

Many people believe that a person’s situation is their own doing and so it is okay for them to suffer while the rest of the society can comfortably ignore them. It only means that we have developed adequate apathy for our own race and have been able to come up with a world of reasons to blame the person instead of finding ways to support him or her back into a stable life. In short, our society teaches us to discriminate within the human race by putting humanity aside.

We fail to realize that humanity is right at the core of our life on earth and it is our duty to carry out acts of humanity towards anyone and everyone in need. By doing this, we will be able to reignite the flame of hope and reshape the world into a place where kindness and generosity are treasured over materialistic wealth. It may seem impossible to achieve this in one lifetime, but it is not late to do our bit for humanity. When we make it possible for people around us to believe in humanity and see the importance of carrying out this duty, then we have already set the ball rolling.

For most of us, humanity has only been an option and many of us may carry it out grudgingly only to save tax or because the government has made it mandatory for us to do so. But when we look at acts of humanity as a duty towards our society and country then it will automatically change our viewpoint of humanity. It does not really require much of us. Just like we take time out for our family, friends, and for worship, the same way we can take time out for small acts of humanity which will help a poor or needy in the society. Even the smallest act counts.

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