5 Ways to Make a Difference

The society we live in is greatly flawed. We have created differences within our own race by dividing ourselves on the basis of class, race and the religion we follow. But there is another way in which we can make a difference, a positive one, which will make our society and better one and bring hope of a better future for the less privileged.

  1. Teach Kindness To The Children In The Family

Children tend to mirror their elders. This is why the importance of kindness, humanity and generosity should be taught early through your own acts of kindness. This will encourage the children to be kind to others too. Allow them to help others without limiting them by the barriers of caste, religion or income-status.

  1. Help Poor Families By Helping Them Secure A Job

Under-privileged families usually suffer from income instability. This is because the heads of the family usually do not have a stable job. Maids end up getting fired without notice and even underpaid labourers do not have any job security. The constant search of job pushes them to take up drinking, gambling and sometimes indulging in cheap drugs which create greater problems, like battling addiction, for the family in the long run.

  1. Help Your House Maid or Other Helpers Set Up A Contingent Fund

Most poor families are unable to set up a contingency fund which can help them in case of an emergency. This is simply because of the lack of funds available to be able to do this. But even if 100 rupees would be set aside from their salaries every month, they will have at least some extra amount saved for themselves by the end of the year.

  1. Educate Your Helpers About Available Government Schemes For The Poor

Many maids and other helpers do not have awareness about the government schemes available for them to improve the quality of lives they lead. You can make a difference in their lives simply by pointing them to the right direction so that they can benefit from the schemes.

  1. Help Your Helpers Connect With Non Profit Organizations

Many helpers need help in educating their children or supporting a sick member of the family. A non-profit organization can help them with the education of their children, but they are often unsure of how to take it up with an organization. Help them connect with non-profit organizations which will be able to support your helpers and provide them with better standards of living.

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