Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose

The problem of waste disposal has been a rising concern. Most developing countries like ours are unable to cope with the excessive amounts of waste collected on a daily basis from homes, industries and factories. While the waste collectors, rag pickers and scavengers are the first ones to be affected by the problems of improper waste disposal, it does not stop with them. Diseases and infections multiply in the presence of ineffectively treated solid waste. As more and more landfills end up with piles and piles of waste, we must rethink our use of waste products and find a way to effectively deal with them right at our homes.

Reuse bottles and jars instead of buying non-biodegradable plastic bottles. If you have too many plastic jars then consider taking them to the recycle factory where the bottles can be recycled instead of being thrown away in a landfill where it may remain for years after our generation is gone and the next has taken its place. Also consider using compost bins or creating a compost area in your garden where fruits, vegetables and food waste can be dumped to be converted into nutrient rich compost for your garden.

We must also consider the importance of repurposing old clothes which may otherwise be thrown away in the garbage. Additionally, choose slow fashion and buy clothes that will last you longer instead of picking clothes which will last you only for a season.

These may seem like very small and simple ways, but collectively they bring a huge change in our world and can be the solution that we are currently searching for when it comes to saving the planet. Needless to say, avoiding plastic is the biggest difference that you can make, so try carrying cloth bags when you go shopping and reduce your plastic consumption in as many ways as possible.

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