We Are Still Fighting Homelessness

Among the many problems that India is fighting, homelessness is one of the biggest and worst ones. A home provides a certain measure of security which makes it possible for people to worry less about sleeping without a shelter. Without a home, people are always insecure and are unable to concentrate on the rest of the aspects of life like securing a job, procuring food and providing for the family. Many jobs require a person to provide details like a home address without which they cannot have a job. This makes it nearly impossible for a homeless person to find a suitable job or a job that allows them to earn adequately enough to acquire a house or to pay for a rented home.

Just like food insecurity, homelessness has been a global concern. It has been found that when people have a home then they are emotionally and mentally stable. Homeless families usually have to scavenge or beg for food which makes survival even more difficult. While shelter homes have reduced the problem to a certain extent, we still have many families living on the streets. Most shelters provide shelter for the night only while others are meant for elderly people or children only.

The steep rents paid by people living in metropolitan cities make it difficult for poor immigrants in these big cities to afford homes, so eventually they end up living on the streets with their families. Temple of India Foundation has spoken to many homeless people and families in and around Navi Mumbai. For most of them, moving to the city was the only choice because they did not have any means of income at all in their ancestral villages. But even after moving to the city, they still struggle every day trying to make ends meet and trying to survive in the city.

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