Food Insecurity Is Still a Problem

Food is one of the basic needs of the human race. We produce enough food every year to adequately feed the entire population on the globe and yet, there are many people who sleep on an empty stomach every day. This is because we are way more careless with food than what we should be and sadly, most of us are not even aware that our abundance is the reason for someone else’s deficit.

Since food production has certain limits, we must remember that food wastage means that a fraction (even if it is the smallest amount) of food that was produced to feed the world has now ended up in the garbage. When we account for all the food wastage which occurs all over the world, then we will realize that it could have fed all the hungry people in the world.

In India, many families live under critical conditions where they may not have the money or the ability to buy food. Some people living on the streets usually depend on beggary as the only way of filling their stomachs with food. This in turn causes malnutrition, diseases caused by vitamin deficiencies and poor growth and health. Children as well as adults who live in a family where food instability is a problem generally fall sick and may not even have the money to recover from their sickness.

One of the goals of the Temple of India Foundation is to end hunger and food instability in our country. For this reason, we urge all our supporters to adopt healthy food habits which reduce food wastage and which involve more of locally produced foods. We have also been working towards the fridge project which will be able to solve the problem of food wastage and also help the hungry at the same time.

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