End Terrorism… Not Humanity

For most people, home is safe grounds, the best place to be, the one place where love continues to grow and the one place where they are safe. But for the many families living in Kashmir at this time, home isn’t safe any longer.  Several Kashmiris live in the threat of either being labelled as a terrorist or being killed by one. Many of them are questioned on their loyalty towards their country and many more are questioned for the actions of their relatives or family members. It creates unwanted friction where none must exist at all. The lack of empathy towards the people of the region and the inability of the government to effectively reduce the tensions in the region has escalated the problem and given terrorism a free hand in the area.

Humanity requires awakening in these regions more than any other place. People need to support the Kashmiris and help them fight this unending war against terrorism so that they can return to a life of normality which does not require them to live in the constant fear of being bombed by terrorists or being labelled disloyal by the rest of the country.

Terrorism is one of the biggest problems that countries around the world are combatting. It causes unwarranted fear and brings chaos at various levels in the society. The fabric of trust is quickly shredded and replaced with terror which makes people question their very neighbours. Every single family that gets caught in terrorism-affected regions suffers long after terrorism would end because they may end up suffering financial losses and the loss of family members to terrorist groups or terrorist attacks.

It takes a long time for such regions to stabilize and for families to come back to normality and in all this, a big difference is made when the rest of the country comes out to support them in these times. Let us lend our support to all Kashmiris who are currently caught in between the standoffs between terrorist groups and the protectors of our country and who are also living in the eye of the storm brewing between two nuclear-armed countries.

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