Can Acts of Violence Be Justified As Instruments of Peace?

Violence threatens the very fabric of peacefulness in a society. It fosters chaos and leads to unwarranted fear among the people who are directly impacted by it. Violence can hardly be justified as necessary and its outcome can never be good. So how are terrorist groups able to justify these acts of inhumanity and are able to showcase them as something that was required?

It is mostly because terrorism flourishes by feeding on vulnerable people who can be easily brainwashed into believing that acts of terrorism serves a great purpose and is eventually intended for good. Most of the times, terrorists are trained to nurture a hatred towards humanity and to develop apathy towards the world. A few things that favour terrorism are:

Education helps a person taken decisions with better reasoning. Those who lack education, lack the ability to reason the underlying objectives of an attack or a terrorist group. This makes it easy for terrorist groups to convince the uneducated into believing that the work they do will result in the formation of a better world. Vulnerable families and gullible people are easily converted into terrorists by using religion or reformation of the world as the tool for such conversion.

When an act of violence shakes the very foundations of a peaceful society, we quickly blame the system, the government and the security measures taken by the country to prevent such attacks. It is more important to cultivate an environment where people do not find reason to act against each other, to educate every person of the country to be kind to one another and to foster humanity in a society which greatly lacks empathy for its people. By doing this we will be able to unite the country and avoid alienation of certain groups or sections of the society.

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