Our Journey So Far – The Fridge Project

Ending hunger in India is a colossal task. The problem is not the unavailability of food, but the unequal distribution of food among people of different social classes. We have realized that while one part of the country’s population is dealing with a problem of excess food, another part of the population is dealing with the problem of food insecurity every day. These contrasting situations led to the idea of turning the problem of excess food into a solution for the people who did not get enough food and nutrition every day because of poverty.

As a result, the Fridge Project was formed. During the course of the year, we have been in discussion with several societies, companies and even individuals to put the project into action. We are looking at the various obstacles that may be faced by people who have to leave excess food in the fridges, those who would be made responsible for the collection and distribution of these foods to the poor, and those who will be taking up responsibility for the cleanliness and maintenance of the refrigerators.

Easy as it may sound on the first go, we realized that the installation of refrigerators is often seen as a liability for the societies seen they will mostly be responsible for the cleanliness, the maintenance and the people who access the fridge. For this reason we are still working out a way in which the Fridge Project is not just implemented but is also successful.

For now, Temple of India Foundation distributes fresh-cooked food to the less privileged people. While the Fridge Project will be a possible solution to our country’s widespread hunger problem, we hope to implement it in a way that will ensure that it can work as an example so that other societies around the country can start doing it.

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