Our Journey So Far – The School Project

Temple of India Foundation started its work from March 3, 2018. Since then, we have been able to bring a positive change in our society in many ways. At the time of starting the foundation, we had some clear goals in our mind and we worked every day towards the fulfilment of these goals. They are – the school project, the fridge project, I’m not an urchin project and the awareness project. Today, we will discuss our achievements in the school project and our roadmap for the year ahead.

The school project aims to make it possible for every child to attend school. We visited several slums and many families living on the streets of Mumbai and encouraged them to enrol their children in school. By doing this, we intend to give the poor children a future that their parents have been deprived of because of lack of education.

At the same time, we also visited the local government schools and started conducting extra-curricular activities with the approval of the school head. This holistic approach towards learning has already been embraced by private schools, but the children studying in government schools do not have the infrastructure or the resources for extra-curricular activities.

Temple of India Foundation also partnered with Pehal – The Initiators, a non-profit organization that aims at making digital learning more widely available. Through this collaboration we were able to set up 4 computers at one of the government schools and we intend to make it possible for more government schools to have access to computer education.

Children of the schools that we have been supporting have responded positively to these developments. As we make it possible for more children to enjoy their right to education, we move closer to our goal of making India a country where education is no longer a privilege.

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