Let’s be a Part of the Solution Instead of Being a Part of The Problem

In our last post, we discussed the societal problems that Temple of India Foundation is trying to tackle in its capacity. We have received support from the local government as well as from many local residents in the regions we operate. This makes it possible for us to increase the extent of our work and also reach out to more needy people every day. Here’s how we are a part of the solution and how you can be one too:

  1. Food Distribution

Lack of nutritious food and clean water is a big problem for families living on the streets and in slums. To fight hunger, we provide nutritious meals every weekend to at least 100 people. Since weekend meals are not enough to ensure proper nutrition among the poor, we encourage our supporters to come forward with food supplies that we can distribute among the poor. You can also call us to pick up leftover food from a party or an event. By doing this you will be able to help many hungry people who would have otherwise had to sleep on empty stomachs.

  1. Organizing Medical Camps

Medical facilities and health check-ups are deemed expensive by poor families. Lack of medical attention leads to many deaths and causes severe illnesses among the poor. We regularly hold medical camps for the poor to diagnose health problems in a timely manner. You can help by volunteering at the medical camps or by encouraging doctors to take part in such camps.

  1. Distribution of Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary napkins are distributed to poor girls and women to make sure that they do not end up using unhygienic rags and to ensure that they do not have to drop out of school because of menstruation. You can be a part of the solution by sponsoring sanitary pads for some women.

  1. Conducting extra-curricular activities and holding free evening classes

We visit several government schools where we conduct extra-curricular activities for the children in order to promote holistic development among them. Additionally, Temple of India Foundation also holds free evening classes for poor children who need help with their studies or who are unable to attend school. You can volunteer to help in the schools or to teach the children in the evenings. We intend to help them secure their future through education so that they do not have to continue life in poverty.

To support our cause or to join us as a volunteer, you can call or Whatsapp us on 8169026597 or 9870973330.

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