Is Help Always Available?

The idea of a society is to have people around you who can come together in happiness and in sadness, in good times and bad ones. Communities were formed to provide more security to people who would otherwise feel insecure in the absence of other families around them. It gives us the idea that help is always available and accessible for us.

People spend a lot of time choosing a society to live in. Mostly, we try to pick a society which will easily accept us for what we are. Some people pick a society based on the cultural and religious sentiments while others pick a society based on accessibility to schools, hospitals and other amenities. Needless to say, all of this together plays a role whenever we decide which home or society to live in. A society assures us that we are not alone in times of trouble.

But is help always available?

Many poor families live in the same society as us. They live in small shacks or sleep on the streets surrounding our society or community but we choose to ignore them as if they were not our problem. For them, help is not available. For them, help is rare.

So why is it that we are unable to provide the same assurance to these people living in our society? Why do we choose to reject them and accept only those who meet our living status? Isn’t it easy to shun the poor and blame the backwardness of our country on them?

Temple of India Foundation wants to make help available for every single person in the society who needs it. Sometimes it may be in the form of emotional and moral support and at other times it may be in the form of financial support. But when a person or a family knows that help is available then it is easier for them to live their lives knowing that their society will never let them down.

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