It is Never Too Late to Extend a Helping Hand to the Needy

All of us need help at one point or another in our lives. Help could be in the form of financial support, moral support, emotional support or mental support. Most of us would have experienced first-hand the importance of help and how it could change our lives. Today, I would like to discuss the importance of help and why each one of us should take up the responsibility of helping others in our lives and in our society.

There are many poor families living around us who need help. These families have either known poverty all their lives or they have accepted poverty as a result of several unforeseen financial problems which drained the family’s economy. In many cases, medical bills, loss of the breadwinner of the family, loss of jobs or death in the family creates circumstances which may strains the household economy to the extent where survival becomes an everyday fight.

This can be changed. We can make a difference by extending our support to at least one needy household in our society. When every single family makes it their duty to support one more family by providing the needy family with clothes, food, stationery for children and by helping the adults in the family find a stable job, then we will be able to improve the current state of our society. It will also make a considerable difference in our economy when more and more people will be able to find stable jobs for themselves.

Since most homes experience an excess of everything from food to clothes, supporting another family by providing them with these excess items can hardly impact the overall financial state of the household providing help. Temple of India Foundation encourages every household to take up the responsibility of at least one other family that is going through financial distress. This will help our society reduce class differentiation and it will also help us create a better future for our country.

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