Ending the Food Problem

An old adage tells us that we should eat to live and avoid doing things the other way around. But in recent years binge eating has become one of the biggest concerns among many people. This has led to health issues like obesity, diabetes, and cardiac problems. Special diet plans have started to become popular among young teens and even in among children who suffer from obesity. The average age of people suffering from diabetes continues to drop. Many of these health problems trace their roots to the quality and quantity of food that we eat. Food was meant to be the source of energy required by our body but it has now turned into a problem simply because we have been willing to ignore the quality of food consumed by us.

On the other hand, we still have people who are dying on the streets – people who beg to satiate hunger, who do not have enough food to live by every day. The abundance of our dinner table somehow never finds its way to the empty stomachs of the poor who sometimes go without food the whole day. Food is a problem on both sides of the society – the rich section as well as the poor section. The food problem can be solved if we find a way to bridge both the sections and easily transfer excessive food from our kitchens to the homes of the less privileged.

Temple of India Foundation continues to drive awareness among people about the current state of our society and about the help that the poor require from the well-established families. As members of the same human race, we must extend support to each and help each other out. Humanity deserves to exist in the society and not just exhibited in photographs.

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