Food Insecurity – A Global Problem

Millions of people around the world live in homes where food insecurity continues to be a concern. No matter how developed we become as a country, India is still one of the countries where food insecurity is a big problem. Many families in India are unable to afford three square meals a day, and many others are able to barely provide the needed nutrition to their children.

These nutrition-deprived children end up with disabilities or may suffer from stunted growth.  Keeping in mind that they are the future of the country, we may end up raising a generation where on one side, abundance is causing problems like obesity in the children and on the other side, food deprivation is causing stunted growth and other deficiency diseases.

Food insecurity is a problem faced by most countries around the world. Many organizations work towards ending this problem; but lack of awareness and the lack of participation has made food insecurity a growing problem instead of a reducing one.

Temple of India Foundation has identified various ways in which we can try to curb the problem of food insecurity. We have been distributing food to the homeless and to poor families in Navi Mumbai right from the time we started the organization. Additionally, we continually encourage our members to sponsor a meal for the poor on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals.

We also have the Fridge Project in the pipeline wherein we can install refrigerators near societies. These refrigerators can be accessed by the poor who can take out food kept in the fridge by anyone who wants to give away food. In this way, we can create awareness in societies and also make it possible for everyone to unite in our fight against food insecurity.

If you know of any other way in which food insecurity can be reduced in the country then please leave a comment.

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