The Fridge Project – Addressing the Hunger Problem

One of our goals at the time of the establishment of our organization was to end hunger in the country. Mr. Hatim Attarwala, founder of the Temple of India Foundation, noticed that hunger was not the only problem that our society was dealing with, the richer section of the society had a problem quite contrary to hunger – food waste. Many children who grow in comfortable homes end up wasting too much food. In fact, many grown-ups end up sending good food into the garbage simply because they do not want to have the same thing again.

With this in mind, we came up with the “Fridge Project” which is a solution for both problems. To implement the project we require refrigerators that can be set up in societies and all households within the society can leave unused food in the refrigerators. Poor and homeless people on the other turn can access these refrigerators and take out any amount of food that they would like to eat.

This initiative can make a difference in societies where food is either available in excess as well as in societies where food is available too meagrely. It can help poor children eat nourishing food, and it can help poor families survive. Needless to say, food is one of the most important things for survival. Hunger creates malnourishment, it causes sickness, and it also tends to drive the hungry into a life of crime.

By starting the fridge project, we intend to bring an end to such problems and we intend to make it possible for our society to fight the big problem of hunger. Support this project to make it possible for the poor to access good food which would have otherwise been dumped in the garbage. By taking this step, we will be able to end one of the major problems of the country right now.

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