Ending Hunger – Increasing the Quality of Nutrition Received By Poor Children

Poor people in India live in extremely sad conditions. Their homes are either on the streets, in slum areas or in remote villages where good food, clean water and good hygiene is sparse. This makes it difficult for children in such families to receive adequate nutrition required for healthy growth. As a result, the children have stunted growth and many of them do not survive childhood. The parents are unable to provide good quality food to their children because of meagre salaries or no income at all. Begging becomes an easy solution to get access to food and fight for survival.

These children eventually become adults of the next generation. They suffer from diseases and often lack the education required to provide their family financial stability. Their children also end up sleeping on starving stomachs and do not receive the right amount of nutrition. In a vicious circle, this continues to be the lives of poor families and their upcoming generations, with very few being able to change their destiny and rise up in the society.

Temple of India Foundation has met many families who have accepted poverty as the only constant on their lives and have become resilient to any kind of changes. Their children continue to be raised in an environment that teaches them to beg and to ignore education in order to be able to get food on their plates.

We want to end hunger because it is the root cause of many societal problems. Crimes like petty thievery are often committed because a father has no other way to provide for his kids. Begging is another major problem in the country which has its roots in hunger. Once we find a way to end hunger, we will automatically be able to strike at one of the biggest problems faced by the country. In order to do this, we aim to direct excess food from homes and organization to people who cannot afford a nutritious diet. In doing so, food waste will reduce and we will also be able to fill many hungry stomachs.

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