Let Us Promote Humanity and Reduce Societal Differences

Temple of India Foundation is less than a year old and yet in the few months that we have been active, we have realized that the society has created too many boundaries for us. We limit our children and teach them to stick to people of our own social status rather than educating them on the importance of ending such differences. The way we raise our kids and the way in which we behave towards less fortunate people doesn’t form our own character, but it also plays an important role in the formation of our children’s character.

As they grow up, they automatically imbibe the hatred we show towards poor beggars and homeless people. This difference deepens with age and the character of our kids is then carried forward to their kids. In this way, our society has created a huge chasm between the rich and the poor making it nearly impossible for humanity to bridge the difference. But if we start teaching our kids about the importance of showing impartial love and kindness to everyone in the society then a difference can be made.

It is popularly said that kids are never good at following orders or commands but they are very good at replicating the acts of their elders. So the best way to teach children to be humane towards others is to do it yourself.

At this time, the extent of poverty in Mumbai alone is so high that we need lots and lots of support and help to nurture a society where humanity is prioritized over everything else. Let us come together and fight poverty in our society. Let us help the less fortunate and let us find a way to end the differences that we have created between the rich and poor in our society. Let us do this because humanity deserves to live till the time the human race exists.

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