If Celebrations Are Important Then So Is the Act of Giving

Every year we spend a significant amount of our earnings in celebrations. We ensure that we have the best of clothes, the most beautiful decorations and the most delicious sweets in our home whenever we are celebrating a festival. We consider it our duty to ensure that our family members have gifts and everyone is happy on the day of the festival. But when it comes to sharing our abundance with each other, we somehow get miserly and our ability to give automatically reduces. Many families who have the ability to donate money to the less privileged families do not actually make the effort to donate towards the upliftment of their society.

Just like we see it our duty to celebrate with our family and to spend on the festivities, it is also our duty to support our society, because humanity is fundamental in every religion. Every community and social group believes in the importance of humanity and necessitates acts of kindness which nurtures humanity in the society.

So the next time you decide to celebrate, remember that celebrations can continue day after day but every time you show kindness towards a person begging on the streets or towards a poor family, the impact you leave on their lives will last for years. Their children may hear stories of your kindness and you would know that if they end up finally pulling themselves out of their penury condition with your help, then you would have made a difference in many lives through your acts of kindness.

By passing this on to your children, you will nurture humanity in a society that is suffering from a lack of humanity. Let us make celebrations bigger and more meaningful by keeping the less fortunate section of our society in mind when we think of spending on expensive gifts and decorations.

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