Celebrating Christmas the Eco-Friendly Way

A lot of people condone the celebrations of Diwali and Holi for the negative impact they have on the environment, but several times other festivals are overlooked. Christmas is one such festival in which eco-friendliness is forgotten. From the artificial trees which are usually made of plastic, to the decorations which use plastic, Styrofoam and other non-biodegradable materials; there are a lot of things used in Christmas which harm the environment.

By choosing to make our Christmas celebrations environment-friendly we can ensure the safety of our surroundings and reduce the carbon footprint we create on the environment. Wooden materials can be a good alternative for the plastic decorations that we use. We can also make Christmas tree decorations using clay and paper. They can be easily created at home which means that you can also save on the amount you spend for Christmas decorations.

Additionally, decorations can be safely stored and reused the next year. This will mean that you do not have to put lots of decorations in the garbage every year. By choosing to make your Christmas celebrations environment friendly, you can set an example for your friends and family who may eventually follow your footsteps and make their celebrations environment-friendly too.

Festivals are a time of getting together with friends and families and spending quality time with them. But somehow, we have transformed festive seasons into a period of pomp and show where one household competes with the other in terms of decoration, food and the gifts that are exchanged. By creating this mind set, we are making our children believe more in the importance of spending heavily on show-off rather than giving time to the family and enjoying the festivities of the season.

Temple of India Foundation constantly works towards instilling the importance of humanity and the necessity of fulfilling our duty towards the society rather than competing with the rest of the households in the society.

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