Do We Really Need A Season or Reason to Help Others?

Christmas time is often seen as the season of giving. The time of the year when we should help the poor and needy – when blankets are distributed and when old clothes are given away. But should we really have a season when the well-to-do section of the society extends its support to the less fortunate? Or should we need a reason to help the under-privileged?

We have created our own limitations when it comes to helping out the poor. We would rather wait for a festive period to give away clothes or to visit the poor and needy, when acts of kindness don’t really need any such reason. By teaching our children the same thing, we bind them to the same limitations and create unwanted boundaries for humanity when none is needed at all.

Acts of humanity or the innate characteristic of humanity is voluntary and should come automatically, till the time there are less privileged people in our society. We should find ways to support them in order to ensure that our society does not suffer from extreme poverty. In the same way that we have a duty towards our family, our community and the religious group that we belong to, we also have a duty towards our society. We should fulfil this duty by giving time to the less fortunate families living in and around our society.

Support can be extended to them by providing them with job opportunities, by helping their children attend school and by providing them with an equal amount of respect. Many families living in the slums who to give their children a brighter future, but their inability to send them to school or support higher education for their children makes it impossible for the children to grow up and take up high-paying jobs.

So let us all stop finding a reason to help and instead help the poor people of our society because it is our duty to do so.

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