Breaking Barriers in the Agricultural Sector

India’s economy is greatly dependent on the agricultural sector, even till this day. While other sectors have seen unprecedented development in the last few years, the agricultural sector has been slow to grow and develop in order to be at par with the rest of the world’s agricultural sector. But this does not mean that India is not breaking barriers as far as agriculture or farming is concerned. There are several farmers who are beginning to change the outlook of the people with respect to cultivation. They are beginning to garner the respect of others and are proving that farming can help a person get very high returns as well.

India is in great need of such cultivators. The only problem is that there are very few people who are bringing this change. For most part, farming has passed on from one generation to another. This means that the tools and techniques used in farming has also passed on from father to son. The sector has limited itself because farmers did not find it necessary for their children to be educated in order to continue being a farmer. This is a mind-set that has proved to be wrong.

We have realized that when we have educated people in the farming sector, then they will be able to take the right decisions and steer their cultivation towards progress. Educated farmers are more likely to invest in new technologies, to be able to successfully procure loans and to take advantage of new government schemes because they understand the policies as well as the terms and conditions clearly.

Most farmers end up educating their children and sending them to the city to earn money. If their children were to stay and continue farming after completing their education, then there is a higher possibility that they will be able to help their parents enjoy higher profits and get stability in their financial life.

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