Farmers in India – Part 4

Farmers in India often have to travel to the cities for basic amenities like college education, medical facilities and buying other household items. Even if there are roads connecting the villages to the cities, they are usually poorly maintained. This problem of accessibility and availability continues to make survival difficult for the farming population of our country.

While city labourers have the opportunity to send their children to private schools for better education, farmers who work from remote areas often see education as a big hurdle for their children. Many of them want their children to get good education, but few can offered to have their children travel long distances to school or study in hostels. Aanganwadi and Baalwadi schools in the village lack the quality of education which is otherwise imparted in private schools. Many of them even lack the infrastructure required to encourage holistic development among the children.

If education is a concern then medical facilities does not fall very far behind either. Families living in rural regions, belonging mostly to the agricultural sector are unable to get quick medical help in times of a medical issue. Many women end up giving birth at home and many others suffer from sexual health problems without any medical intervention. Even children do not get immediate medical help when they are sick or suffering from major health problems. Sometimes, families end up migrating to cities when one member of the family has to be admitted in the hospital.

Farmers who are able to earn adequately usually have their children choose a different occupation instead of staying in the village and continuing the life of a cultivator. The rigorous lives led by farmers are not something that many of them are willing to pass on as an inheritance to their children. While some cannot afford to provide their children with a future other than that of farming, those who could choose to have their children migrate to cities and lead better lives.

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