Humanity Begins At Home

The human race has reached a point where humanity is seen less among humans and more among other living beings. We have started exemplifying acts of animals on social media talking about how their actions resonate with our ideology of humanity more often than our own actions.

So how did it come to this?

While Temple of India Foundation has often found inspiration in nature, we believe that humanity is the essence of our race. This is why we encourage people of all ages to volunteer in our activities. By doing this, we see small children, teenagers and even elderly citizens come together to help the underprivileged people of our society. But these activities outside the house are not the only way to encourage humanity. In fact, humanity begins at home.

When we deal with our family members, maids and helpers in the house with kindness, we reinstate the importance of humanity. Children who grow up in families where humanity is supported, become well-rounded citizens who have the awareness of the differences created by the society and are willing to bridge these gaps.

It is common for children to mirror their parents and the elders in the family. They see their parents as their biggest source of inspiration and in many ways, they knowingly and unknowingly choose to walk on the same road of life as their parents.

As a parent, it is important for us to become the beacon that guides them towards kindness and humanity. When we help them see the importance of humanity in their lives, we are able to instil an essential aspect into their character. Temple of India Foundation encourages each one of you to give humanity the importance it deserves, and just like we do not forget to do the rest of our household chores, we should be able to carry out acts of humanity every day.

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