Festive Season and Environment Friendliness – Festive Gifting

Gifts are common during the Diwali season. Corporate offices gift their employees, neighbours exchange gifts with each other, friends from far and wide send gifts and even families that are separated by distance take the time out to send Diwali gifts to their loved ones. During our search for gifting ideas, we came across several options but very few of them resonated with our idea of environment friendliness. This is why we decided to cover festive gifting.

Keeping things cheap yet eco-friendly seemed to be a challenge in the beginning, but here are a few gifting ideas for the Diwali season where you can enjoy the festival and stay environment friendly too.

  1. Planters

Live plants always make a great gift. If you have friends and family who stay in the same city as you, then gift them a small planter with a live plant along with a diya and some homemade sweets. It will be a refreshingly new way of greeting your friends and families.


  1. Earthen lamps made by local artisans

You can stick a few earthen lamps (diyas) on top of a dry fruit box and take it to your friends. If you pick the diyas up from a local artisan then it is even better.


  1. Handcrafted chocolates

Many men and women run small businesses from their homes selling hand-crafted chocolates and sweets. By buying from them, you will help them gain momentum in their business, and your gift can be personalized for uniqueness.

These are three simple yet effective ways of making festive gifting environment friendly and supporting small businesses and artisans during the festival season. We hope that this Diwali season we can all act with mindfulness and ensure that the festive season has the least impact on our environment.

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