Changing the Fate of Our Rivers

Rivers in India have suffered extensively because of ignorance. While fresh water is one of the most important resources in the planet, lack of awareness and over extraction has either led to the drying up of our rivers or the suffocation of river waters by garbage and untreated sewage. Changing the fate of our rivers is not just to save them but to ensure that we have enough water available to sustain our daily water needs.

Public Awareness

Many people are unaware of the fact that their kitchen sink is connected to a drain which is emptied into a water body. This means all waste that goes down the kitchen sink from every household eventually reaches a river or a lake. So when you pour oil down the drain it will soon be dumped into a river that is already suffocating with excessive garbage. As more people begin to understand the importance of conserving the river waters and being careful with what goes down the drain, the rivers can have a chance of rejuvenation.

Sewage Treatment

The importance of effective and fully functional Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) has been stressed on, in earlier posts as well. When rivers receive treated sewage water, then it is easier for the river to accept the treated sewage and continue on its flow without being suffocated. At this time, India’s many rivers suffer mainly because untreated sewage is dumped into the rivers.

Ground Water Rejuvenation Projects

Ground water can be rejuvenated by employing several traditional methods of water conservation. These techniques have successfully been utilized by states like Rajasthan to transform rivers that used to run dry in the summers into perennial rivers. Local as well as central governments can bring back several rivers by introducing ground water rejuvenation projects.

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