Laws Preventing Water Pollution in Maharashtra

Water was never a problem. It was always the solution. From river banks nurturing the biggest civilizations of the world to manmade reservoirs and lakes which supported life within and around them; water is our planet’s most important and yet most ignored natural resource. Can you imagine a single day without water? It is nearly impossible for us to survive when we will not have access to clean, fresh water. But there are several people in Maharashtra who have to get up early and stand in a queue to get water which is just about enough for their family to get by for one day.

But Maharashtra is not a dry state. It has several rivers flowing through it. Its close proximity to the sea also ensures that coastal regions experience adequate rainfall. But water continues to be a concern for cities like Mumbai which sits on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

If you were to travel around Mumbai, you would realize that the city is full of water bodies. The sea, rivers and lakes of the city however have accepted a slow and painful death. This makes the water bodies perfect breeding grounds for diseases. While some people are beginning to realize the importance of clean water, few are taking steps to make a difference. As for the law, it explicitly condemns the pollution of water by individuals, small factories, residential societies as well as big industries.

Maharashtra Prevention of Water Pollution Act, 1969

The purpose of the Act is to ensure that the water bodies in Maharashtra do not suffer pollution. For this purpose, a board is set up which surveys and advises the government on necessary steps to keep water bodies clean. The board is also meant to educate water polluting agencies and to take action against defaulting agencies.

The Shore Nuisance Act (Bombay and Kolaba) Act, 1853

This act meant to safeguard the water by issuing a notice for the removal of all obstructions and nuisances which were below the High Water Mark. By doing this, navigation in the harbours of Mumbai would become safer and the water will not suffocate. If a notice is issued then within a month the nuisance or obstruction should be removed or else necessary action would be taken.

When we all stand together to save our water bodies, then we will surely be able to accomplish more than individuals trying to pray for clean water.

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