The Society Differentiates

When I was young, I often heard a common story that if a caged bird was allowed to fly away, the rest of the birds wouldn’t accept that bird into their flock because it had led a different life. The caged bird isn’t accustomed to finding flying, or finding food, or for that matter, talking to other birds. It had led a life of isolation where it was fed, and nurtured but in a way very different from how birds actually live. There was a time when it was free like other birds, but it was too small then to remember and it had now lived a long life in the cage to be able to easily return to the usual ways of birds.

As humans, we live our lives much like these birds. Nature, as I have said before teaches in beautiful ways. Birds usually stick to their own groups and grow within that flock. They learn the ways of the flock and choose to perceive the rest of the world through the flock’s lens.

Similarly, we have started giving so much importance to class and religious beliefs that we have forgotten that each one of us is a human and no matter which God you believe in, harming humanity is never acceptable. Like the caged bird, several people in our society lead penury lives where they have to beg for food and sleep on the roads.

Somehow, the privileged people of the society who are in a position to be able to provide for these poor families find it easier to ignore the pitiable states of the poor men, women and children who fight for survival every day.

Let us look at solutions that can genuinely help the poor people of our society:

  1. Community Fridge:

Every morsel of food wasted is a morsel of food that can go to a hungry child. Install a fridge in your community where food can be stored for anyone who is poor and hungry to come and pick it.

  1. Used Clothes Drive:

Several families are unable to afford good clothes for their children because of meagre incomes. Food is rationed and clothes are usually bought in rare occasions only. Conduct a drive for used clothes in your community and contact us to pick it up and distribute it to those who genuinely need clothes.

  1. Packaged necessities:

For some families who live on the streets, basic healthcare necessities like brushes, sanitary napkins, clean bandages for the wounded and medicines for the sick aren’t easily available. Encourage your friends and families to donate these and we will collect it from your doorstep so that it can be distributed to the poor who need these necessities.

Temple of India has been actively engaging with the poor and needy families living on the streets of Kharghar. We have found that several families do not have a stable source of income. Many women who are eager to work are unable to leave home because of small children. Several others for whom survival depends on their work leave their kids under the supervision of others so that they can go and work. Life on the streets is very tough for these families. They try to make the most of the small salaries that they get. Many children take to begging in order to support the growing income needs of their families. Education becomes secondary as survival is threatened.

With your help we can make a difference in the lives of these families. Contact us to volunteer, donate or support this cause.

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