Gearing Up For the First Plastic Buyback Scheme of Its Kind in India

The Devendra Fadnavis led Maharashtra government is readying itself to set an example that the rest of the states in India can follow – a plastic buyback scheme. Following a ban on plastic, the government has announced that it will be introducing a plastic buyback scheme which can encourage the recycling of plastic.

While a delay has been cited in the implementation of the scheme, the state government is determined to make it operational in a month’s time.

News regarding the ban of plastic and the subsequent buyback scheme being introduced by the state government is being celebrated by environmentalists and several residents who are aware of the harm that plastic caused to their surroundings.

Plastic has been the reason for clogged drains, suffocating rivers and destruction of nature. When a city like Mumbai takes up the onus of giving up plastic and finding environment friendly solutions for packaging, we know that India is moving on the right trajectory when it comes to improving the current state of our environment.

The buyback scheme is already successful in other countries but it has not been introduced in India yet. So if the Maharashtra government launches it in the next one month then it will become the first state in India to have such a policy.

In the beginning the buyback scheme may seem a bit of a trouble for people, but with time, as people adjust to the new policy, Maharashtra can emerge as a cleaner and much greener state in the absence of unwanted plastic waste.

This is a change that deserves support. Through this step, the state government is making a true difference in the environment. The time has come for us to stop talking about it and to start joining the cause.

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