Monsoons in Mumbai

Water gives life as easily as it takes it. The turbulence of a storm in the ocean, the rapid flow of a young river and the deathly waterfalls have a second side. There is the beauty and calm of oceans, the adventure of rafting in river rapids and the joy of bathing in a waterfall.

In an almost similar note, rains in Mumbai have two sides as well. There is greenery all around, and the fun of sitting indoors and watching the pitter patter of rains on your window pane; and then there is the overwhelming jamming of roads, the ruined makeshift homes of those who live on the streets and the devastating diseases which spread through water.

Monsoons in Mumbai are a lot more than beautiful. The city streets are home to several homeless people and beggars who do not have a proper shelter at all. Those who have managed to make small tent-like homes on the streets find it difficult to keep the water away as the streets start to overflow with dirty, disease-ridden water. As the city comes to a standstill, businesses suffer financially and people suffer because of diseases carried by waters which end up stagnating in different areas.

While Mumbai has experienced extraordinary rains before, areas of the city are still not prepared to effectively handle rain problems yet. Buses, trains, cars and even bicycles suffer a problem as the rains hit Mumbai. And even though most of us have reason to complain of how difficult it is to reach office or operate our businesses during the monsoons, let us not forget that there are people who do not even have a safe place to live during the torrential rains.

Families are soaked wet as they try to take shelter in their makeshift homes and hope that the rains would end soon. When members of these impoverished families get sick or contract deadly diseases then they do not even have enough resources to treat the diseased member and nurse them back into healthiness. If their homes fill up with water then their clothes are wet and they do not have much to wear. These problems keep them awake day and night as they pray for the wrath of the monsoons to end and prepare for the next season.

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