Water is Precious – Save It !

From the gentle gurgle of brooks to the deep rumble of oceans, water has so many forms and it continues to remain the centre of life. Water is one of the primary needs in our survival and in the existence of life around us. Undervaluing its worth has already put our rivers, lakes, oceans and ponds in danger and there may come a day when no amount of money invested to revive them will work.

Polluted water not only harms the biodiversity but is also dangerous for human health. Most of the water that we use comes from lakes, rivers and other water sources. But before it reaches our homes, water is chemically treated to make it clean and drinkable.

Remember water from the sewages, sanitation systems and other such places are all released into the environment and may contaminate the source of drinking water if not supervised effectively. If the sewers leak or the treatment of the water is not done properly before releasing the contaminated water into the environment then the water becomes polluted.

One of the reports released on World Water Day in 2016 said that India had highest number of people who did not get clean and safe drinking water. One of the reasons may be underfunding or government’s incapability to prioritize clean water. The underprivileged are the ones who suffer the most.

With no proper availability of water sources they resort to local ponds or lakes that are nearest to them. These water bodies are highly contaminated which give them a variety of water diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice, typhoid, malaria, cholera etc.  There are several deaths reported each year in India caused by water diseases.

Water is precious and if you have access to clean drinking water don’t waste it. Preserve what you get for there are millions who don’t know how clear and clean water tastes.

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