Causes of Water Pollution

A snuff of little dust or smoke in our nose causes us to cough and sneeze making us petulant for a couple of minutes at the least. Now imagine how the waters survive with the tons of garbage that we throw in them.

Water may be polluted naturally but mostly the causes are anthropogenic and here are the causes:

Leaking Sewer Pipes

One of the reasons waters get contaminated is through the discharge of chlorinated solvents, trihalomethanes and other dangerous contaminants.

Agriculture Surfeit

There are a lot of dangerous pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers that are used to protect the crops. These are carried into the nearby lakes, ponds, rivers etc. Whenever you see a water body that has a lot of algae grown over it, you should know that the water is contaminated with these pollutants. Phosphates and nitrates are highly concentrated in these fertilizers and pesticides which cause the algae to grow. It is also harmful for our health. Drinking water from such bodies of water can make us seriously ill.


Digging and crushing rocks are also harmful for the water. Mother Earth is rich in metals and minerals and these crushed rocks usually contain several sulphides and metals. The material which remains from mining generates sulphuric acid when precipitation of water takes place. This makes the water unsafe and polluted.

Household Chemicals and Personal Care Products

There are many cleaning solutions, detergents etc. which can react when they come in touch with water. Disposing chemicals and such products in water contaminates it.

Car Batteries and Other Waste from Garages

Oil, paint, batteries, pieces of metals are all dangerous for the water. There are so many garages that dump their waste into the river.


It is one of the biggest pollutants of water. Not only is it contaminating the water but also killing aquatic plants and animals. Birds are choking to death, the tender skin of the animals is being torn apart by the plastic after they get entangled in them, the fishes are dying from polluted water and corals are hardly being formed.

Ship Accidents

When ships carrying hazardous materials get into sudden accidents tons of poisonous chemicals is emptied into the seas. Usually such accidents are brought under control soon but then there is a lot of damage that is done.

These are just few anthropogenic causes of water pollution. However, none of them are impossible to avoid. With governmental control and some individual efforts we can certainly protect our waters.

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