The Plight of Indian Farmers

The Plight of Indian Farmers

The average income of an Indian farmer across 17 states of India is still less than Rs. 5,000. Agriculture is not an interesting subject and there are very few who would like to stimulatingly listen to something about the farmers because onions and potatoes and why they didn’t come out well is usually not what people want to hear about. While our salaries continue to grow by the year these farmers need to survive on Rs.5,000 for a whole month.

We depend on cheaper agricultural commodities there is a whole list of different products and cut out our farmers produce. India and its governments have been following an approach wherein they are required to move 400 million people to the urban areas by the year 2015. This has been followed since 1990s and is a requirement of the World Bank. The administration has thus been putting investments in agriculture and depriving the farmers their fair prices. Our avariciousness and consumerism may put our national sovereignty in peril economically.

The plight of the Indian farmers doesn’t seem to end. Year after year their suicide tolls continue to rise as their conditions get worse. Between 1995 and 2016 was 3,29,928. In 21 years nothing has changed the same number of farmers commits suicide each year. This is because when they come to protest they are not heard instead killed while protesting.

Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh saw 5 farmers die while remonstrating for their rights, last year. It was also the first time in Indian history when the widows of farmers who had committed suicides voiced out. They gathered on the Parliament Street, New Delhi in the month of November, 2017 to speak for their disadvantaged condition. These windows asked for what was rightfully theirs and waivers on loans taken by their husbands so they could peacefully bring up their kids.

It is high time that our farmers had decent lives and got back their rightful earnings for what they grow enduring hardships.


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