eNAM and Farmers

e-NAM and Farmers

In order to increase the production adeptness and profits of farmers the government launched e-NAM (Electronic-National Agriculture Market) in 2016. The platform follows a bidding system where the farmers have a choice to sell their produce to the highest bidder.

The system took time and is yet being bettered with introduction of more features. There are 585 regulated ‘mandis’ in 14 states that have been linked with the e-NAM. States need to amend their APMC Act to get access to the electronic auction. This gives the state a single licence and the market fee is levied at just one point.

There are more states to join the e-NAM. The government targets to link 200 more ‘mandis’ to e-NAM this year so the quality of online trading is improved. There are 73.50 lakh farmers, 53,163 commission agents and more than 1 lakh traders registered on the e-NAM platform from 14 states and one union territory. This data is from the month of May, 2018. The numbers are increasing fast.

Earlier this year there were six new features added to e-NAM.

  • Mobile payment on e-NAM can now be done through BHIM and other mobile payment options have also been added.
  • Besides Hindi and English e-NAM website is available in Marathi, Bengali, Odia, Tamil, Gujarati and Tamil. For now E-NAM trading facility is available in six languages.
  • There is an MIS dashboard that has been added for analysis. Basically it helps in the better understanding of each ‘mandi’.
  • There is an e-learning module in Hindi for the better understanding of the website and working of e-NAM.
  • Farmer’s database has been integrated.
  • Gate Entry is an important part of e-NAM website and among the features introduced this year it can now be done from the mobile app.

Besides all this a management system has been instated to address all the grievances related to software and technology.

Despite all this, progress is tardy and the goal that has been given for the agrarian development is 2022. There are several barriers to overcome. We hope to see more efforts go in on e-NAM so our farmers are relieved of their pitiable condition soon.

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