Plight of the Farmers of India

When 50,000 farmers walked the roads of Mumbai bare feet in the scorching heat to put forth their ordeals, I realised that India isn’t as developed as we think. How can our farmers be so miserable while we sit and enjoy an expensive meal? Are you actually aware of the condition of our Indian farmers?

The farmers are in debt and it is killing them. They are so tired of being unheeded that farmers old and young walked six days in scorching heat to reach Azad Maidan, Mumbai and discuss their needs with the leaders.

To ensure that our farmers get the due for their hard work, Indian government sets the prices of the crops and buys them too. It is not just the loan waivers that they requested for but that they should be paid at least one and a half times the cost of their produce.

The crucial request that the tribal farmers made was that they be given the ownership of the forests they have been cultivating for years. They have filled stacks of papers and are still awaiting the promised waiver. Their lives are squeezed with the menial returns they get for their crops while storage and transportation costs increase by the day.

Farming in India has yet to see modernisation. Agriculture has been wrecked by drought, exhausting water supplies and deteriorating productivity. The production in the farms is too less while there are several heads employed in a small piece of land. If there is a crop failure the farmers are in trouble. Even a surplus produce is a matter of concern for them too because proper storage and processing techniques is what we lack in India.

Farmers have been protesting for long waiting for a miraculous change. They protest peacefully even though it is tough to sustain livelihood under such dire situations.

The lopsided policies of our system need a change. Our farmers are discontented and the agrarian section of India writhes. They are impoverished and landless agricultures and our government needs to do something for them.

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