Gender Inequality in Rural Homes

Today I speak for women who don’t speak, they do have a voice but they are petrified because they have been shown to fear more than to be themselves. They have been shown the consequences of speaking up and that silence is a jewel which they should treasure for life.

India brawls with problems of gender inequality beyond just access to education and economic development of the nation. Gender inequality subsists in the form of communally fabricated, predefined gender roles steadfastly anchored in the socio-cultural fabric of India which has profound historic and ethnic origins. These influences have spill-over effects through all spheres, including the structural workforce, rural areas, social and political frameworks. This indubitable stimulus is still acknowledged to be an unexceptional part of the domestic and societal bourn.

The Position of Women in the Rural Areas

Gender inequalities in the urban areas are usually limited to workplace and a few families but when we go beyond their borders into the rural areas we find women void of all rights.

It all begins from their birth. Leave alone celebration even the mother is cussed for giving birth to a girl baby. She is then denied a normal childhood and is expected to help her mother in the household work. Girls as young as 6 or 7 are expected to take care of their siblings when she should actually be attending a school.

If parents reluctantly send her to school she usually is forced to quit by the time she reaches middle school. Girls as young as 14 or 15 are hushed into marriages where they become young mothers. Half of them die while giving birth because they are deprived of proper health care while the others continue to be scavenged by their family members – for domestic work, more children and sex. Lack of schooling, cultural and social barriers prevent women from honing their skills and generating income. As a result if the male member of the family suffers long-term sickness, disability or death it becomes difficult for them to head the family.

This is a never ending cycle which needs to be halted somewhere.

What Can We Do?

  • Equal opportunity is all women ask for. They are ready to take care of home, raise kids, take care of parents and be a caring wife. They are ready to balance their lives – All they need is a chance!
  • Let her get the basic education, support her emotionally and she will find a way to excel and make a future for herself.
  • Show her technology and give her some independence you will be amazed at what she can do.
  • Forget about the word gender and consider a girl and a boy a HUMAN!

Although gender inequalities in the rural areas are quite apparent political strategies and different approaches fail to handle these issues effectively. Yet, we shouldn’t give up. We are on the verge of becoming a developed country and a little more effort in tackling such issues will undeniably get us encouraging results. Remember women has the power to give birth to a human being she shouldn’t be degraded.

Humanity dies when you abort her or kill her at birth, physically assault and abuse her.


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