Gender Inequality at Work

While there are women who are efficaciously superintending big companies and are counted among the top influential women in the global charts there are some stereotypical workplaces that fail to comprehend their worth. This is because there are some conservative thoughts that have been entrenched so deep that they fail to alter judgements. Women of the Indian society are expected to candidly follow certain responsibilities else there are dire consequences – physical abuse and sneering.

Great Expectations from Women!

When unmarried they are expected to study only up to a certain level in school which is not as good as her brother’s. She is a burden because her parents have to give dowry to get her married. She is expected to come back and cook and help her mother in the daily chores. Studies come last. She also needs permission to go out and has time limitations. She can absolutely NOT have any boyfriends. She is expected to get married as she turns 18 – if it were possible her family would have ushered her to get married sooner but since the law prohibits they sit impatiently.

After marriage she is expected to look after her husband’s home, have babies and not stop unless it is a boy child, then look after the kids like a benevolent mother and be super flexible at adjusting to her husband’s tantrums. Even if she has the qualification she is expected to stay home. Professional life is a dream for most women.

Can You Balance Home and Work? – is the commonest question asked in an interview. Why not?

Lack of support from home especially after marriage confines them to the precincts of their home. Things aren’t quite good for women even if they step into a workplace. Consistent rise in the levels of gender inequality sojourns the overall development and progress of the Indian economy. A recent piece of data revealed that women across the globe earned 16.1% lesser than their male colleagues, who were at the same level as them.

We must tear down gender inequality at the workplace and here is what we can do:

  • Do not kill their career! Offer practical support for child care or pregnancy.
  • Revise salary packages – as a citizen of democratic nation women have the right to same salary as their male colleagues because they are equally qualified.
  • Give them security from sexual harassment and genuinely take up for their cause if they have been wronged.
  • Let them choose a career without barring their choice of profession. Women can fly planes and they can be mechanics too!
  • Promote fair leadership in your company.

There is a vast pool of talent that is lying unexplored – let us give our women an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiencies. If she can calm a crying baby she can also take care of her work targets.

A transformation has begun

The world is transforming its views towards women at work. Women have proved themselves worthy of positions that were earlier reserved to the male class of the society only. From driving autos to flying into space, women are beginning to realize their own potential beyond the thresholds of their homes.

While metropolitan cities see fewer concerns of gender bias, even in rural areas, women are starting to take up a job. By giving females a conducive environment, devoid of gender prejudice, we can grow more quickly as a country.

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