Gender Inequality in India

As Indians we exult and rejoice on the birth of a baby boy but why do we get on a muted mode when we are gifted with a baby girl? We do have families where girls are considered to be a boon but my question today is for those who shrug away when it comes to raising a girl child.

Our love for sons is so blinded that we murder our daughters before or after their birth? But if she does succeed in fighting her way for life we look for ways to discriminate against her all through her life. We don’t practice what we preach; revealing we have double-standards and it is time that we changed.

How to Define Gender Inequality

Gender inequality can be defined as discrimination against females based on their sex. Women in India are conventionally considered as the weaker sex of the society. They have always been rendered a secondary position after men. More than half of the social evils are associated with women – domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, female foeticide, eve-teasing, trafficking for sex, disparity in education, honour killing, dowry and so many more. The system of discrimination against women is still a challenge that Indian society faces.

Where Did This Evil Begin?

The main cause of this equality is the patriarchy system that has been existent in India since ages. Women always needed to be in someone’s custody – first their fathers, then their husbands and in their old age or if they became a widow their son. She never had the right to assert independence for herself. This malice has now roots so deep that it cannot be deracinated no matter how much we try.

Present Condition of Indian Women

Although westernism and modernization has improved the position of modern Indian women, there is a high percentage of women in India who still face dense discrimination. The part of society that faces gender discrimination has to go through extremities.

We need to give our women a pedestal so they can live a free life just like a man does, and not have them caged where they suffocate and die a different death each day.

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