Societal Problems in India – Violence Against Women

There are thousands of women who writhe routinely to all sorts of violence which is never reported. This is because of their social class and lack of proper methods to restore their condition physically and emotionally. Repeated abuse gnaws away their self-esteem to an extent that they are driven to prostitution, drugs, diseases and ultimately death. Tolerating hurtful behaviour soon becomes a norm for them.

Violence against women has numerous names – infanticide, acid throwing, forced marriages, rape, gender inequality, eve-teasing, forced pregnancy, forced prostitution, witch trials, dowry death, honour killing, domestic violence, sexual slavery and trafficking. These reprehensible deeds are sacrilegious. They are sheer violation of human rights and unquestionably the most ubiquitous.

There are more people responsible for violence against women compared to the number of terrorists that we have to face as a nation. Incidents of sexual assaults and other violence activities have reached appalling levels. Women these days aren’t secure in public places too. An accurate number or percentage on the number of women going through various acts of violence and abuse is not available in a proper data format because most of it goes unreported. Yet, it can be justly said that the numbers haven’t gone down instead just soared higher.

India has a poor global ranking when it comes to women safety. Despite the economic growth and higher levels of education it is quite challenging for women in India to make free choices. India stands tallest in the world when it comes to gender gap. It is this gap where all types of violence against women fit in.

The silence of tolerance has been awfully long. Men with courage and men with strength; men with honourable veracity are what we need to disrupt this complicit silence and challenge each other whilst standing with women. Let not the socialization of men be at the cost of a woman’s prestige.


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