Societal Problems in India – Flesh Trade

If women actually chose prostitution then why is it, that prostitutes are mostly destitute and ostracized? If we want to debate on the problem of choice then let us closely look at who is actually choosing in the perspective of prostitution.

This is certainly not why women ostensibly choose to be in prostitution but why men choose to pay for children and women and label the victims as wrongdoers. Freedom for these women is just an illusion. Adding to the routine violation of their bodies is the trauma of having their children relinquished to unknown people.

Flesh trade exists in our country – real and horrific – run by gangs which is abysmal and this must be stopped. But then there is also exploitation of women and children who are abused by their own families. Young girls in the slums are lured with drugs and alcohol before they are heaved into the business of flesh trade. Although these girls are not in brothels they are shackled to drugs. Flesh trade in Mumbai has changed its course from red light areas and brothels and made way to hotels and private homes.

Most women and girls in the business of flesh trade have been trafficked from small towns or nearby villages and brought to Mumbai. Minors are preferred and they are the ones who are paid the highest. Others belong to slums and the streets who cannot earn enough to sustain their lives.

Let us not let the stories of these women define them. They, like us, are humans who wish to have regular homes and sleep without being battered or famished even after a day’s abuse. We cannot fail humanity by averting our eyes from the imperceptible dregs of oppression which cleaves on to them like a shadow.

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