Societal Problems in India – Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is a swelling epidemic which mocks our laws and protections. Our society is in a chaos because there is mayhem in our thoughts – we are using children when they should be loved and loving the materialistic things that are simply meant to be used. Our moral lives have ended because we are silent about things which matter.

What happens to the trafficked children?

  • Big cities have become a hot spot for child trafficking. Hundreds of kids are lured or kidnapped from both rural areas and smaller towns and bought to these cities where they are forced into domestic labour.
  • While majority of the children are used for labour there are many children who are illegally sent to foreign countries.
  • Girls and even boys are used for sexual activities. Minors are used in brothels, massage parlours, hotels and even on the streets. Production of pornography involving children is a common practice with trafficked kids.
  • Many children are given to gangs who force them to beg on streets. Kids as young as two belonging to certain gangs are coerced to beg on the streets.
  • Trafficked children are also used as dealers or couriers to supply drugs in different areas. They are then compensated in drugs. This way the kids never leave supplying drugs because they become exceedingly addicted to their remuneration.
  • Infants that are trafficked are given away for adoption. The adoptive parents are charged an awfully high amount for the child. Couples who are desperate to have kids readily agree to pay the amount.

We Need to Take a Step Ahead

It is not just the child that should be outraged with what they have to face but us, who see such inhumanity against tender souls. It just takes a thoughtful citizen to bring about change in the society. Why should we sit over it and wait to begin improving the world. Let try and get rid of this poisonous weed blooms amongst us.

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