Societal Problems in India – Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

At the root of drug addiction among the street kids in Mumbai lies pain – pain received from molesters, gangs, police and municipal authorities. Even the children who labour hard throughout the day resort to drugs. Kids rummaging garbage the entire day to earn as less as Rs.50/- use glue in the form of drugs. This helps them cope with their daily pressure of physical, mental and sexual abuse. They also use drugs to battle hunger and harsh weather.

There is no reliable data which reveals the exact count of street children in Mumbai that are addicted to drugs but the numbers are definitely upsetting. This horrific activity of substance abuse is seen especially among the adolescent children between the age of 10 and 18.

The drug can be anything from tobacco to glue and from cannabis to alcohol. The kids are so addicted to drugs that they cannot stay without it. There are thousands of kids who offer sexual favours just for some money to buy substance. They prefer to buy glue instead of food with the little money that they have. Drug abuse has become such a common affair that most children are seen under its influence even during the day time.

It is heart wrenching to see children trying to cover up for their agony. How callous can life be?

The natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes that cannot be prevented but when it comes to saving the life of a child we can unquestionably do something for them. These kids are going through hell everyday and we cannot just sit over it and be disillusioned by our high status living when there is so much pain around us. Let give a chance to atleast one child and show them how beautiful life is and how meaningful it can be if they chose to change.

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