Societal Problems in India – Communalism

When a certain government or ethic group look forward to self-ruling within a nation it is termed as communalism. It furthermore shrouds the conflicting fidelity coming about because of this overriding national or government interests. Incapacitating such a predisposition is plausible if provincialism, prejudice and associated shades of malevolence are circumvented by the authority and, all the more knowingly, by us.

It is when we use religion to expedite conceit, spite and abhorrence that communalism façades. However, it should be precisely understood that religion is not the cause of communalism but it is hauled in a manner to oblige political issues that arise in non-religious domains.

The roots of communalism can be seen in the 19th century when India was struggling for its freedom. The leaders of several organizations inculcated nationalism within their people using religious consciousness. So, not only did we get nationalists but communalists too. It was not long that nationalism took a different turn and communalism was soon in contrast to it. Even the British took advantage of communalism and when nation was already drenched in blood with patriots laying down their lives in gruesome battles fought against the enemies there were groups that slaughtered there brethren just for religion.

After the partition the communal forces became prominent and today we see Pakistan as one of our biggest enemies.

Nevertheless India is a country where there are a diversity of religions and ethnic groups who reside here. Even though there are several clashes amongst these groups harmony always finds her way.

What needs to be changed is our way of thinking. A sense of equality needs to be drilled into the minds of those who still wish to support a specific group. We need to brush aside everything and see things through the eyes of humanity and not of someone belonging to a specific group.

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