Societal Problems in India – Caste Discrimination

Caste system is one of the most threatening tools against humanity. For the past thousands of years Indians have been divided by this cruel tradition ingraining it deep into the veins of our culture and society. While India continues to grow, develop, modify and improve, the prejudiced caste system has obstinately stuck on to several areas of our culture. Atrocities against minorities are yet to be brought to an absolute culmination inhibiting our true potential of growth and spurring an atmosphere of discrimination in the country.

Why Does Caste System Exist?

Caste system isn’t as much a necessity as it is a means of propagating the authority of one group or community of people over another. We like to stay in groups. There is a thought that dwells in the sub-conscious minds of every human – the thought to belong somewhere, the thought to fit in somewhere. This is why we like to equate our status and our positions with others and this is the main reason why caste system persists until now.

India’s long and storied history has several discussions of caste and several conflicts that arose from caste system. The treatment of people who belong to a lower caste is unusually rough and has for long been harboured through religious rituals too. But this animosity requires no more fuel and just like orthodox systems like sati and jauhar came to an end for the goodness of humankind, caste system must no longer be treated as a way of behaving cruelly with another human being.

Impacts of Caste System in Our Society

Fabricated Thought of Prestige

Even in this day of egalitarian thinking, in some parts of India the wealthier upper caste societies think they have an upper hand not only where wealth is concerned but also when it comes to knowledge. They see it as their right to be served by the lower classes of the society

Our National Unity is at Stake

People are unduly conscious of their caste which has fostered a parochial feeling. How do we justify a democratic India when we still have caste system buried deep within our roots? People are divided by caste and many local conflicts pertaining to caste discrimination lead to national outrage causing chaos and limiting national concord.

Overall Development of India is also Questionable

Although caste system is obscure in the urban parts of India it is quite conspicuous in rural areas. People of lower caste aren’t allowed to study, they are not allowed to participate in certain auspicious occasions, they are not allowed in certain parts of their village, and they cannot get married to a person belonging to an upper caste. Generations of these lower caste people have been serving the upper caste rich people and they have become accustomed to it.

With so much disparity around, it is obvious that only a definite group of people will prosper while the hopes of others to grow and prosper disappear in oblivion.

How Can We Get Rid of Caste System?

  • Educate your children about equality

Children are the future of the country. When we enthuse in them a sense of equality and oneness then we are able to build a country which will no longer be limited in prosperity because of the divisions in caste.

  • Humanity above all

Discrimination of any king breaches the very fabric of humanity that generously spreads itself throughout our country. Our ability to do good is often marred by our need to follow age-old dogmas which rob the society of kindness and well-being. When humanity has the upper hand, caste divisions can hardly have enough room to breathe.

  • Upliftment programs

Since the above two solutions require longer time, a speedier solution exists in the upliftment of people who belong to lower castes. The government already has several programs and the much-debated reservation system is one of these. The idea is to provide upliftment to those in need of it. People who belong to rural areas fight the stigma of caste discrimination more than those in urban societies. As a non-profit organization, Temple of India intends to innovate such programs that can be helpful in uplifting people who are victims of caste discrimination.


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